Saturday, August 1, 2009

Awards and Thank You

I've been extremely grateful to have received the following awards for my work on this blog. Aaron at No Comment awarded me the "Good Read" award.I awoke this morning groggy but was perked up immensely when Neil from The Agitation of the Mind awarded me these four:
...and I would like to award Neil at his excellent blog, The Agitation of the Mind, for his fine writing and cinematic tastes the "Good Read" award.

Also, I would like to award these fine blogs for giving me many an hour of reading pleasure all of the awards herein:

Aaron at No Comment for his excellent writing and cinematic tastes and a open mind towards cinema.

Emily at The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense for having an extremely sharp wit and very critical eye towards the various horror flix that come her way.

Matt at his new blog, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, who has also been doing stellar work previously at Paracinema...The Blog.

Jenn at Cavalcade of Perversions for inventing the entry tag, "Movies that would have been better with Paul Naschy" and her excellent cinematic tastes.

Finally, I'm going on the road, like Jack Kerouac, for the next week, and my site historically doesn't get much traffic. So if you read this, be kind and drop one of these fine folks a note that my blog gave them some love.


Jenn said...

Thanks Hans, you're the bees knees! Have fun on your road trip! Don't get too Fear and Loathing while you're gone. xoxo

Mr.LargePackage said...

No award for my blog? I admit that my blog "The largest package and the human soul and how they are large and in charge but in a good way" may have its flaws, but it is solid reading. Your prejudice against large packages and the people who deliver them have been noted Hans. And that is not large and in charge.

Geof said...

Hans - congrats on the awards. Great blog and love your reviews. =)

Matt-suzaka said...

Thanks for the kind word and the mention, Hans!

You shed light on tons of great films that so many movie buffs (even hardcore genre fans) have never even heard of. Your film knowledge is epic and I appreciate the amount of unknown films that you have opened my eyes to!

I give you the "Kick Fucking Ass" award!

Aaron said...

Thank you for the kind words, good sir. It's been awesome getting to know other like minded people, including yourself, through blogging and I hope everyone keeps on doin' the damn thing.

Although I am a little disappointed that Mr.LargePackage's blog got snubbed.

Emily said...

A well deserved congrats Hans. As always, I thank you for the support and your unending wealth of cinematic knowledge. Have a great trip and get back to us soon!

Hans A. said...

Thnx to all of you for reading, commenting, and the kind words. I appreciate all of your blogs and enjoy reading them. Especially you, Mr. LP, because you're large and in charge.