Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nashville (1975)

The year of my birth. The preceding year, Nixon resigned, and the following year was an election year. I was born in Georgia and I remember my parents having a crazy amount of Carter buttons in junk drawers around the house. 1976 marked a special occasion for the United States of America.

I went to Opryland once as a child on a vacation and I don't remember it. However, I would probably remember all of the events of this film over the course of a couple days, regardless of my age.

I watched this film with English subtitles. I wanted to read the lyrics of all the songs. The subtitles were probably hell in the making for the person making them. However, almost every audible piece of language is transcribed. The subtitles do not distract from the images. I have no idea how Altman would have felt about subtitles for his film.

The actresses really standout in this one, all of them. Lily Tomlin, Karen Black, and Ronee Blakley standout amongst them. This is a wonderfully dated film which perfectly dates the period in which it was made.

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