Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Images (1972)

The darkest film of Altman's, so far into the vacation. With the exception of Rene Auberjonois, there are not many familiar faces.

I am a very passive viewer of films. Mostly, they put me to bed after a long day. Sometimes I fall asleep after five or ten minutes and sometimes I can't get to bed and end up watching two or three.

This one I just let go. The reoccurring images of wind chimes, hanging prisms, and the like; the printed mirror; the idea that several actors are really portraying one or no men; York's doppelganger; and the wonderful Irish countryside. These are a few of the things that I caught.

I didn't pick up on the children's story that York narrated in voice over throughout the film. The credits reveal that she also authored the story. An obscure film, and I believe that the DVD is OOP.

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